Monday, November 25, 2013

Composition and Layout.

When you are making decisions about the layout and composition of your linocut, you need to think about:
  • solid or textured areas vs the background of the paper
  • the line technique you will use
  • the shape of your subject matter.
Christmas Tree Mice
The composition of the christmas card above is one I am very pleased with for the following reasons.

Solid or textured areas vs the background of the paper:  There is a good balance between the blank areas of the paper, the solid green of the christmas tree, and textured areas of the mice, woven through by the detailed snowflakes.

The line technique you will use:  A range of line techniques have been used.  All the mice have been outlined using the 'double line' technique.  Both the tree and the snowflakes have been cut out very simply, using a single line.

The shape of your subject matter:  In composing this linocut, I made sure each of the mice were in different poses and carrying out different activities.  The snowflake chain loops round the tree, making the tree more 3D, but also serves to link up the 4 mice.  The traingular shape of the tree is pleasing to the eye and provides the perfect backdrop to the mice.

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